Running a wallet project April 25th, 2016

At EE we run regular ’lunch and learn’ sessions. These are a relatively new activity open to the entire business to gain an understanding of what digital is and how it differs from what on the surface are similar activities and interests managed by other parts of the business.

We’ve so far had great sessions on usability research, content optimisation (SEO) and building hypothesis to validate through multi-variant and A/B tests.

As experience designers a large part of our role is listening to what our users and ultimately customer need. Now that’s probably an idea that could be illustrated with a single slide and maximum 10 minutes of explanation. Great for an elevator pitch or convincing the boss there’s alternative approaches to designing successful solutions. However this is not particularly memorable, interactive or engaging way to excite an audience of varied background as to what anything is.

I’d seen the wallet project mentioned a few times at meet-ups and on a number of experience design publications, more recently it popped up on Medium soon after Stanford started posting here.

I’m currently curating a shopping list of make material and collaborating with a colleague to host an apply named ’lunch and do’ to demonstrate through doing how having built empathy with your users you’re better equipped to devise a user centred service that meets customer needs.

The sessions booked for late June any tips on running a wallet project much appreciated.

I’ll be back with how it went after we held the session.

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